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Vermiculite, 4qt (dry)


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1.) Dampen the vermiculite with bottled or distilled water and allow the vermiculite to soak in the moisture. Use a ratio of 1 part water to 1 part vermiculite.

2.)Fill the incubator with enough moistened vermiculite to enable you to bury the reptile eggs halfway into the mixture.

3.)Set the temperature of the incubator specified for the type of reptile eggs you are working with. Humidity is important to the hatching of many types of reptile eggs.

4.)Remove the fertilized eggs from the reptile's enclosure or breeding tank. Be very careful with the fragile eggs as you move them to the incubator you have prepared. Do not change the position of the egg. The side of the egg that was facing up when you discovered it in the cage should be placed facing up in the incubator. Place the eggs in the moist vermiculite.

5.)Add water to the incubator as needed to maintain the recommended humidity level.

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