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Rocky Cage Liner 24x24" PCR's Custom Square

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Product Description

-Composite cage liner made out of flexible material,, looks like real rock! 
-Easy to clean!
-We also make custom sizes to suit your enclosure, can be used as substrate mat or background 

What are Universal Rocks products made from?

  • Probably one of the most asked questions we receive; our products are made with a polyurea/polyurethane combination, not fiberglass. The outside skin is a high density polyurea (similar to rhino liner); it’s a 2 part system that mixes together creating the skin that becomes totally inert. Most of our items have this part; this is the skin for our pool and pond products and our “AQUA” products consist solely of this, we use real rocks to weigh them down. We also use polyurethane foam, this is the supporting aspect of our products, it is what keeps the shape and provides structural support to hold peoples weight for our pool and pond products, our “FOAM” products are made entirely of this material, but at a much higher density than normal; as a result these products are more brittle, but have a much reduced cost. Not all products are available in FOAM only.

How are they colored?

  • We use a special blend of oxides, sands and crushed rock in the process of coloring our rocks; we don’t use any paints in our process. All of our rocks are hand colored and all of our colors are hand mixed, this results in some variations in the colors of the rock, while we strive to keep all of our products matching, we cannot guarantee that the rocks we make this week will match 100% to the rocks next week.

    Is it safe for fish?

    • Yes, our polyurea and polyurethane foam is 100% safe for fish. Once our product has cured the material has become inert, you could eat it if you wanted! (although we don’t recommend it, your fish might not appreciate that

    How do I clean my background/rocks?

  • On our AQUA and REPT products you can use any method you like to clean the algae; pressure washer, wire brush, chemicals (that you feel safe using). On our FOAM products you can use lower pressure water, chemicals and soft bristle brush, a wire brush on these products will scratch the surface.

  • Can I Use Bleach?

  • We do not recommend using bleach on our products, our products are porous and as a result bleach may get trapped in the pores of our items. We have done limited testing with bleach on our products and what we have found is that it hasn’t “bleached” the color out of any style, AQUA, REPT or FOAM, and it does not affect the structure of the polyurea or polyurethane.  ALWAYS RINSE THE BLEACH OFF THOUROUGHLY! It is a toxic chemical. Universal Rocks is not responsible for any discoloration of our products due to use of bleach or for any harm bleach causes to your animals.
  • Will Algae grow on Universal Rocks products?
  • Yes, algae will grow on just about any surface in a tank that has the means to support Algae growth i.e. light and a food source (fish waste etc.)

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