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Animal Shipping Charges:

Please make sure to ADD a UPS OVERNIGHT Animal Shipping Box to your order, total $45 - if you do not we'll have to contact you to process the rest of the shipping (which may delay your order). Combine order(s) with friends to save on shipping, our 12x9x6 can fit a decent number of critters, call us and we can make sure everything fits in one box.

-We ship UPS Overnight unless other arrangements are made prior to your order. Shipping is $40 + $5 Box Fee (depending on what we can comfortably fit in a 12x9x6 insulated shipping box.). For larger animals or larger quantities please Email us at: or you call us (727) 531-6200 with your zip code for overnight shipping charges.

Animal Guarantee:

*We guarantee our animals to be healthy and to your satisfaction upon arrival, within permitting temperatures of 35-90 degrees Fahrenheit. ON SHIPMENTS OF AMPHIBIANS, WE GUARANTEE LIVE ARRIVAL ONLY! We make every effort to make sure your animals are packed for safe transit. We use insulated shipping boxes with hot or cold packs, depending on weather conditions. We only guarantee the package if it signed for, please arrange to be available to accept the package and sign for it. We are not responsible for packages left at the door. We accept Visa, MC, Discover and U.S.P.S. Money Order. Any concerns or problems must be reported within 24 hours of receiving your shipment. If you are not able to reach us by phone, send an email to the following address: - Our stock changes daily please email or call to verify quantities.

Turtles and Tortoises are subject to the following:

Four Inch Turtle Law
The sale or commercial distribution of viable turtle eggs and small turtles (carapace length less than 4 inches) for use as pets is banned under 21 CFR 1240.62. The ban is based on the Public Health Service Act (section 361, 58 Stat. 703) and therefore applies to both intrastate and interstate sale and distribution.
Exceptions to the ban under 21 CFR 1240.62 permit sales of turtles and turtle eggs for use in bonafide scientific, educational, or exhibition purposes other than as pets and of marine (ocean) turtles. Other exceptions to the ban are the sale of turtles and turtle eggs not in connection with a business (e.g., limited sales between turtle fanciers have been permitted) or that are intended for export.
The ban applies to small turtles (under 4 inch carapace length) because these are most likely to be held for sale as children's pets, and the purpose of the ban is to protect children from turtle-born salmonellosis.